Here’s all 30 new Nike statement jerseys for each NBA team

On Friday in Los Angeles, Nike officially unveiled all 30 “Statement” jerseys, which will primarily serve as NBA team’s main alternate this season. They did it in sprawling, elaborate Nike fashion, bringing a player from every team to an event to personally debut the jersey.

Here’s what it looked like once the warmups were off and the 30 alternates were on full display.

You’ll notice that many of the teams have the same jersey as previous years — although there are some significant changes in teams like the 76ers[1], the Pacers[2], and a few others. However, they’re all Nike branded now, and some include subtle tweaks beyond that.

The players also debuted hooded warmup jackets, a first for the NBA. More interesting was Nike’s new NBA Connected Jersey, which fans can buy. It features an NFC chip, and when you download a Nike app, it’ll unlock exclusive content for that player. Here’s how Nike describers it in their press release.

Using new NikeConnect technology, each adult-sized Nike NBA Connected Jersey will have an embedded NFC (near field communication) chip that will launch real-time team and player content such as pregame arrival footage, highlight packages and top players’ favorite music playlists – all on the jersey owner’s mobile device. Throughout the season, a wealth of exclusive offers and experiences will bring fans closer to the game they love.

To unlock it all, fans will download the NikeConnect app and tap the jersey with their smartphone. These jerseys become available online globally on Sept. 29, rewarding the game’s fans with a revolutionary experience that creates a new point of connection between fans and the game.

The statement jerseys had already leaked through NBA 2K, but here are all 30 uniforms officially revealed.

Atlanta Hawks[3]

Boston Celtics[4]

Brooklyn Nets[5]

Charlotte Hornets[6]

Chicago Bulls[7]

Cleveland Cavaliers[8]

Dallas Mavericks[9]

(The jersey is the same as it debuted in previous years.)

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