Ranking NBA ‘City’ uniforms for 2020-21 season: Here’s the best and worst jerseys from across the league

The reigning champions went back in time to pull out the baby blue uniforms, but this time in white. It’s a break away from the previous city uniforms that have honored Lakers legends in the past like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, and while it’s a clean look overall, nothing about it stands out from the traditional purple and gold the Lakers wear every other night.

Kudos to the Trail Blazers for trying something a little different. For the first time ever the Blazers printed “Oregon” across the chest of their jerseys, and it just so happens to be in the same font that is used on the iconic Portland, Oregon sign in downtown Portland. The trimming on the side of the jerseys is a nod to the landscape of Portland’s picturesque mountain ranges, and the color scheme honors the tribal nations throughout the state. It’s a nice break from the traditional black, red and white uniforms that the Blazers have donned every year.

The Bulls really played into the beautiful architecture that spans across Chicago, from the art deco font choice to the geometric diamond pattern used on the trimming of the shorts and jersey. It’s a very modern design, the only gripe I have is the shade of the gold used, if it were just a tad brighter, it would stand out a bit more on this jersey. 

Clean, simple, eye-popping colors: this is a nice looking jersey. It’s a revised version of last year’s ‘City’ jersey, so no points for creativity, but it looks far better in baby blue.

The Nuggets took their fresh spin on the retro rainbow skyline jersey and flipped it to red. They’ve already worn black versions of this jersey, which also look great, but these are being marketed as “Denver Sunset,” and instead of the rainbow stripes across the middle everything is in the same red color palette. These may look better on the court than they do in images, but it might be time for Denver to try a different design after this year for the ‘City’ edition.

Similar to Denver, Utah took its tried-and-true city jersey and gave it a little tweak. The Jazz benefit from not having a jersey in black before this, though, because this looks like a completely different jersey when the colors are inverted. The marketing for this was also top-notch, as the Jazz played on the growingly popular “dark mode” when releasing this uniform.

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