Ranking NBA ‘City’ uniforms for 2020-21 season: Here’s the best and worst jerseys from across the league

The idea behind this jersey is unique, the Cavs decided to pay homage to the city’s connection to rock and roll with its font choice. However, the execution is a bit iffy. The jagged lettering and incomplete coloring on “Cleveland” across the chest is a bit like a ransom note, but this uniform is saved by the simple fact that the primary color is black. In most cases, jerseys look better in black and this uniform is a prime example of that. The patches on the side of the shorts is a really cool idea, though, and it brings this set together. 

Black and gold, can’t go wrong. I’m so glad the Raptors went away from the “North” jerseys and the arrow with the lettering falling down on either side. They’re still using it for other jerseys this season, but this is by far the best one. The font choice is also a nod to the retro purple dinosaur uniform, which is a nice touch.  

Taking inspiration from the Great Lakes in the midwest, the Bucks went full blue man group with these uniforms, and it looks really clean. I didn’t think combining three shades of blue on the same jersey would look aesthetically pleasing, but Milwaukee pulled it off. 

9. Minnesota Timberwolves

You may not think that these deserve to be in the Top 10, but the simplicity of these uniforms and the subtle flashes of color and the North Star adorned in several places throughout the jerseys are amazing. The Wolves have had a great streak of success with their city edition jerseys, and they’ve nailed it again this year with this sleek, simple design.

In an unprecedented move, the Hawks partnered with the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to release an MLK-inspired jersey, complete with a new court design for the occasion. The understated design speaks to the impact Dr. King had in his fight for racial equality during his life. Atlanta executed this jersey design perfectly and didn’t overcrowd it to let the message ring through. 

The Hornets benefit from having perhaps the best color palette of any team in the league, so almost any design would look great in their patented teal and purple. For this season’s ‘City’ edition jersey, though, Charlotte flipped the script and introduced a new color to their repertoire using mint as the primary color, with gold and black accents. The Hornets are calling it “Buzz City Minted” and they also incorporated their signature pinstripe that has made their retro jerseys some of the most popular in the league. Charlotte nailed it with these, and it should be interesting to see if these look just as great on the court as they do on.

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