Ranking NBA ‘City’ uniforms for 2020-21 season: Here’s the best and worst jerseys from across the league

It was a smart marketing move by the Warriors to put “Oakland” on their jerseys shortly after bolting the city for San Francisco. They also played on the nostalgia vibes by essentially recreating the “We Believe” Warriors uniform with some subtle changes, like swapping out “Warriors” across the chest for Oakland. This may not sit well with all Golden State fans considering the team’s recent move from the blue-collar city of Oakland for the tech capital of the country San Francisco, but the execution of the jersey design is perfect. Plus, the navy blue, gold and orange just work really well together here, and gives the old jersey a refreshed update.

There’s been a lot of pinstripe jerseys this year, but the Pacers version stands above the rest. For the first time since 2006, the Pacers are finally wearing pinstripes again, and man did we miss these. Popularized by the team wearing them in the 2000 NBA Finals, and most notably Reggie Miller, these are without a doubt the best jerseys Indiana has ever worn. 

The Suns made some huge splashes on the court by trading for Chris Paul[6] and signing a slew of free agents that will make them a serious playoff contender this season, and they also released one of the best ‘City’ edition jerseys in the league. For years, Phoenix has churned out uninspiring city jerseys, but this time around they took a bold swing and knocked it out of the park. Playing on Phoenix’s nickname of “Valley of the Sun,” in addition to a pixelated design of the beautiful Phoenix sunsets, this jersey is incredibly innovative. Similar to the Hornets, the Suns have one of the best color palettes in the league, and they finally made the best use of purple and orange to create a stylish modern jersey.

At first look, I wasn’t a fan of the Jean-Michel Basquiat jerseys, but after giving it a day, looking closer at the details, this uniform is a hit for me. The paint strokes on the side panels, the herringbone black pattern throughout the uniform and the crown motif which Basquiat used frequently in his artwork all pull this jersey together. It’s different and unique from any other jersey but still remains clean. More importantly, the Nets are the only team in the league that continuously uses its ‘City’ edition to actually pay homage to those from Brooklyn. First, it was Biggie Smalls, now innovative artist Basquiat.

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