We The Chevrons: Toronto Raptors Unveil New Uniforms

The Toronto Raptors made it official this morning and unveiled three of the five new uniforms they’ll be sporting when the 2020-21 NBA season finally tips off.

As we had seen over the past several weeks[1], the new look features a chevron-heavy design, this based on the red and white “NORTH” uniform worn during the 2019 NBA Championship run. While those uniforms were worn relatively sparsely (officially they were their “Earned Edition” uniform) these new designs will be full-time going forward. They will also, fortunately, read “RAPTORS” across the front rather than “NORTH”.

“Uniforms do matter to players. Our team made the choice to wear the Earned jerseys during the 2019 Finals, for example,” Raptors President Masai Ujiri said in the official press release. “We want to give our players – and our fans – jerseys they’re proud to wear not just because they say Raptors on the front, not just because they’re a symbol of our city and country, but because they also look great. I think that’s what we’ve achieved with these.”

Let’s break down the new looks…


As all Association uniforms in the NBA are, it’s white. Across the front is a red chevron with “RAPTORS” inside in white with black trim. Below the chevron is the player number, red with black trim. At the waist is the team motto “WE THE NORTH” in red.

The player’s name on the back is red, the number is red with black trim, and the club’s Larry O’Brien trophy patch is above the name on the back collar.


Here’s the one we’d seen floating around the last few days. It’s red with a black chevron, “RAPTORS” inside in red with white trim. The player number below in black with white trim and the “WE THE NORTH” motto in black tucked into the shorts.

The back of the jersey has a player name in white, the player number is black with white trim.


Black with red trim around the neck and arms, no chevron across the front however the name of the team is orientated as if it were there. Lettering is red with white trim.

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