We The Chevrons: Toronto Raptors Unveil New Uniforms

Throughout the base of the “Statement” jersey are sublimated jagged pinstripes. These pinstripes are a tribute to the original pinstriped Raptors uniforms worn from 1995 through 1999. Down the side of the jersey is a single red jagged pinstripe.

As is the case with all Statement Edition uniforms this year, the Nike swoosh has been replaced with the Air Jordan logo on the front.

The back of the jersey features the player’s name in white arched above a red number trimmed in white. Above the NBA logo on the back collar is the Larry O’Brien trophy patch.

And yes, we did get a brief look at the shorts that will accompany these uniforms via this group shot:

The red Icon and white Association shorts both incorporate the chevron into the right leg and place the team’s logo on the opposite side. The black Statement uniform continues the jagged pinstripes as well as the single red pinstripe and places the team’s logo at the bottom of the right leg. A maple leaf at the waistband right across the board.

The new uniforms were designed by both Nike and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment’s in-house design team collaborating together.

LINK: Toronto Raptors All-Time Logo and Uniform History[2]

WATCH: Toronto Raptors Unveil New Uniforms for 2020-21[3]

“As we began to think about the decade ahead, we aimed to create uniforms that not only reflected our franchise’s historic accomplishment in 2019 but also inspired the pursuit of our next championship,” MLSE Chief Marketing Officer Shannon Hosford said in the press release. “Our goal was to continue to evolve our ‘We The North’ Raptors brand identity highlighting our key chevron design, which is synonymous with the North and our championship, while also providing our fans with some added swagger while they show their support.”

You’ll note that earlier in this article I said the team only unveiled three of the five uniforms they plan on wearing in 2020-21. There’s still their “City” and “Earned” Edition (yes, “Earned” uniforms are returning) to come, and while we haven’t yet learned what these will look like, if I zoom out a bit on that group shot shown earlier, you’ll see they may have given us a little clue.

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