We The Chevrons: Toronto Raptors Unveil New Uniforms

Here, check out the far left and far right:

Intentionally obscured in the shadows, but if you play around a bit with it in Photoshop, which you KNOW I did immediately, you do get a few hints of what’s to come…

While I’m not sure which is “City” and which is “Earned”, it sure looks like the uniform on the left is black with gold trim around the collar and arms with “RAPTORS” arched across the front of the jersey in black with gold trim. The uniform on the right (calm down now people) appears PURPLE and black, with RAPTORS displayed across the front in white in the chevron style.

Can’t wait to see those two!

This marks the fifth different uniform set the Raptors have used in their 26-season history (they also made a slight change to their road purples when they replaced TORONTO with RAPTORS in 2004)

You can see in the above graphic that the chevrons were first introduced in 1999, in silver worn on the side panels of the jersey. They remained as the club switched to red full-time in 2006, and were flipped upside down (to point north) when the club re-designed in 2015 before finally becoming the star of the show in 2020.

The chevrons got their big break in 2017-18 when they first graced the front of the club’s black and gold “City” uniform reading “NORTH” inside, they returned in 2018-19 again as the City with the reverse colour scheme and then again, now in red and white, as part of the “Earned Edition” set later that season.

Why were the chevrons ever introduced in the first place? We have no idea. We do know that when the club introduced their “WE THE NORTH” motto in 2015 we began to see more focus placed on the element as it suddenly been given meaning (i.e. it points to the north). Just five short years later it now dominates the design across the entire set… it’s amazing what winning a championship can do for a uniform design.

The team says the white Association and red Icon jerseys are available to purchase now, the black Statement jersey will be made available soon. While the City and Earned designs “will be unveiled closer to the start of the upcoming season”.

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